HLC+ Profesionali plaukų priežiūra/ HLC+ Professional hair care


Bamboo has the largest vegetative silicon dioxide level among all existing plants which reaches up to 70%!

Silicon dioxide is the trace element which are being lost with age and its deficiency may not only affect hair but also nails and other organs in the body. Silicon dioxide also known as silicon, is the mixture of two elements which are most widely distributed in our planet. It helps to restore moisture and natural shiny look in hair and at the same time improves resistance to environmental factors and restores hair elasticity. This ingredient with nutrients has also protective antioxidative properties and improves hair health. It is also known that silicon dioxide improves the structure of hair, protects it’s against end splitting and speeds up hair growth.


  • Reduces hair loss.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Gives a shiny look.
  • Ensures delivery of nutrients to hair follicles.